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Fluids & paste printing with 3D print heads based on endless piston principle

The advantage of our print heads for pastes and viscous materials is their unique combination of speed and accuracy when three-dimensional printing of geometries.

Suitable for all current 3D printers, they enable the 3D printing of a variety of viscous materials. Abrasive and pasty 1- or 2-component fluids, such as ceramics, silicones, adhesives, organic cell solutions for organic-printing or other liquids and pastes, are dosed precisely.

Depending on the requirements, 3D models and shapes can be achieved at varying speeds, as well as with different layer thicknesses. We guarantee a structurally safe additive application and can also handle high viscosities. Thus the print heads enable completely new design possibilities with previously unused materials.

Additive Manufacturing i AM 3D printing
The design of our products to meet the high requirements of the industry is supplemented by generative production: Process-safe processing of viscous and pasty materials is made possible – with technology based on the endless piston principle. Further information can also be found in the brochure.

1-component print head vipro-HEAD

one-component 3D printhead vipro-HEAD for 3D printing of high-viscosity materialsThe 1-component print head can print viscous materials and pastes in combination with a 3D printer. The materials are conveyed volumetrically and with unique precision. During the transition to a new line, unwanted threads can be avoided thanks to programmable retraction. Process fluctuations such as viscosity, pressure and temperature are also evened out within the printing process. Depending on the connection, the materials can be conveyed almost infinitely. The optional heating function for the vipro-HEAD helps to heat pastes and liquids to temperatures of up to 70 °C and to maintain them throughout the entire printing process.

Your advantages:

  • Countless printable viscous materials
  • High precision of the printed parts
  • Gentle conveyance of materials
  • Defined start and end points due to withdrawal effect
  • For small and large containers

Application :

  • Printing of beads and dots with highest precision
  • Suitable for 1-component materials based on e. g. silicone, acrylate, epoxy resin, light-curing adhesives, inks, waxes, ceramics, abrasive pastes
  • Defined start and end points due to suck-back function
  • Heating of materials

Technical features:

  • Gentle product transport of the materials
  • Optimum heat distribution of the heating function in the print head
  • Heating of the print head including the materials up to 70 °C
  • Programmable suck-back function
  • Low-maintenance and durable print head

2-component print head vipro-HEAD

2-component printhead for 3D printing vipro-HEADThe vipro-HEAD 3/3 u. vipro-HEAD 5/5: For viscous 2-component materials in combination with a 3D printer. The 2-component print head transports two components separately from each other to the static mixing tube. They are then mixed together in a correct mixing ratio and applied layer by layer with high precision and constant accuracy. By reversing the direction of rotation of the drive unit briefly, it is possible to prevent dripping of the material at the end of a printed line. Fluctuating process parameters, e. g. due to temperature fluctuations, are levelled. A consistent and precise print result – coupled with high printing speed – is guaranteed.

Your advantages:

  • Adjustable and correct mixing ratio
  • Use of application-specific materials
  • No curing in the print head thanks to a static mixing tube
  • Process safety through pressure monitoring
  • Various curing processes – e.g. UV, heat or humidity


  • Printing of beads and dots with highest precision
  • Suitable for 2-component materials based on e. g. silicone, epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylate
  • Constant mixing of the 2-component materials in the static mixing tube

Technical features:

  • Gentle product transport of the material
  • Volumetric printing
  • Precise start and end points
  • Programmable suck-back function
  • Printing independent of viscosity
  • Low-maintenance and durable print head

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