Dispensing technology to the latest standards

The shear- sensitive ViscoTec dosing technology is particularly suitable for applications in biotechnology. Sensitive products such as proteins and cells can be very gently conveyed, metered and dispensed. Therefore specific applications in the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products (protein molecules), regenerative medicine (cell suspensions) and diagnostics are possible.

Filling of a suspension

ViscoTec - Biotechnology - multi-dosing-system for filling enzyme suspensionsA multi-dosing system is needed to automatically fill a suspension into glass vials. The suspension is extremely sensitive to shearing. A ViscoTec pharmaceutical dispenser is attached above every filling station. Each dispenser can be calibrated in terms of dosing quantity independently, with a correspondingly high level of dosing precision (> 99%). The expansive product is then dosed highly precisely with no rheological stress. Once the product has been delivered, the pharmaceutical dispensers are dismantled, cleaned and sterilized without the need for tools.

Dosing of a high viscous product in a substrate flow

ViscoTec dosing inocula substrateWhen filling a fermenter, thick paste-like product is added to the inflowing substrate at a defined dosage. The substrate’s volume flow is measured by the fermenter control and the power of the dosing pump is adapted to it using a simple analogue signal. The special rotor-stator geometry provides low shear. The fermenter’s PLC acts as a higher-level controller, managing the ViscoTec dosing control via Profinet in the fermenter’s various operating modes (filling, cleaning, sterilisation, etc.).

Dosing of a culture medium into Petri dishes

ViscoTec culture medium petri dishes micro-organismA complex culture medium is dosed into Petri dishes. The dosing temperature of the medium is around 50 °C. The same medium is to be dosed into the Petri dishes in different quantities.
The dosing procedure is performed fully automatically in a filling machine. The dosing quantity can be adapted via the software – there is no need to mechanically modify the dosing system. The dosing pump is dismantled, cleaned and sterilised in an autoclave at intervals.

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