Improving and automating your processes

ViscoTec dosing systems help you to improve your processes for many tasks in the field of producing or packing cosmetics. The individually planned use of special conveying and dosing systems results in lower wear to the neighbouring machines, a reduced cleaning effort and, therefore, savings in terms of time, cost and personnel. The quality of materials that are sensitive to shear is ideally retained thanks to the endless piston principle.

Supplying mascara to a packing machine

Emptying system for low to high viscosity food and cosmetics like mascara

One of ViscoTec’s core competences lies in supplying high-viscosity cosmetics, such as mascara, to packing machines in a way that is free of pressure surges.

The mascara is removed from packing via a barrel emptying system and supplied to the packing machine through a hose. The barrel emptying pump is regulated by means of two-step pressure control at the end of the hose. It is not necessary for the barrel emptying controller to communicate with the filling machine’s controller. Two-step pressure control allows – in combination with the continuous volume flow from the barrel emptying dosing pump, which is free of pressure surges – the product hose to be connected to the filler inlet directly, without a hopper.

Filling tubes with an abrasive paste

Filling system for abrasive cosmetics paste in tubes

Dosing system for dosing viscous hand wash paste for implementation into a tube filler: the paste contains a polyurethane abrasive agent, making it highly abrasive. The dosing technology used is ideally suited for dosing abrasive media. Comparable systems (gear pump, piston filler) often fail in this task or even become severely damaged, which can lead to a sudden loss of production. With the ViscoTec endless piston principle, the customer has time to respond to this unavoidable wear: if the machine operator notices a reduced dosing quantity caused by wear, he can counteract this effect by changing the dosing parameters in the controller. Production does not have to be interrupted. The relevant parts can then be replaced by genuine ViscoTec spare parts during the course of regular machine maintenance.

Filling cooling gel in a form/fill/seal machine

ViscoTec - filling cooling gel in a seal & tubular bag machineCooling gel has to be filled with a vertical tubular bag filling machine. One ingredient of the gel is extremely sensitive to rheological shearing load.

ViscoTec dosing systems can guarantee low shear product delivery; the amount of energy transferred into the product by dosing is minimal. The dosing pump is mounted on the form/fill/seal machine and a filling device is mounted directly on the dosing pump’s discharge port. The dosing medium is very thick and does not drip once the dosing procedure is over. Therefore, this product enables an open filling device to be used in conjunction with a ViscoTec dosing pump – a simple and effective solution that meets the customer’s needs.

Dosing vaseline

ViscoTec - Pharma - barrel removal and dosing of vaselineDosing vaseline from 200-litre industrial barrels with plastic inliners into a mixer: Up to now, dosing was often performed after melting with a submersible pump and a flow meter. The ViscoTec barrel emptying system is able to not only remove the vaseline at room temperature, but to dose it too. The raw material is therefore available immediately. The raw material is supplied to the mixing tank via a hose. The dosing quantity is directly proportional to the number of revolutions of the self-suction barrel emptying dosing pump – additional flow meters are not required. The barrel emptying follow-up plate seals the product from the environment, thus protecting it from oxidation; the barrel can remain in the barrel emptying system for a long period of time. The system is mobile and can supply the raw material to several mixers. The residual quantity in the barrel is < 1%.

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