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We are your professional partner for the plastics industry. With our dosing systems you will have a perfect component in your production process. We have put together a summary of some industry-specific examples to show you our areas of application.

Dosing liquid paints

ViscoTec liquid paints - dosing of plastic paints colorsIn the plastics processing industry, colouring with liquid paints has established itself as an alternative to colouring materials using masterbatch. Due to the high concentration of pigment in liquid paints, very small dosing quantities must be administered when employing them and the dosing systems used must ensure a high degree of dosing precision in order to safeguard colour homogeneity in the production process. ViscoTec dosing systems for dosing liquid paints offer products specially developed for this area, which guarantee precise control of dosing quantities even at the high process pressures that arise in plastics processing. ViscoTec provides users with complete solutions for processing these colour media, for example, in extrusion or in injection molding technology.

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