2-Component Dosing Systems


ViscoDuo-VM provides a precise dosing and mixing solution with 2-component  dosing / multicomponent dosing systems for dosing applications with more than one material,  allowing the handling of the ever-growing variety of materials created by modern industries.

2K Dispenser ViscoDuo – V 4/4

The 2-component ViscoDuo-V 4/4 dispenser is a valveless, static mixing head with dispensers located directly in front of the mixer.

The mixing head functions valve-free. The components to be mixed are dosed by volume only and with no dead space into the static mixing tube via the dispensers.

 Main features of VsicoDuo-V4/4:

  • Processing of viscosity materials with no filler or very high filler content
  • Only low supply pressure required for medium feed
  • Adjustment of the desired mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ration of both dispensers
  • Integrated sensors in each component (no dead space) for online process monitoring
  • Reverse-flow possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
  • Connection between dispensed quantity and speed is absolutely linear
  • Constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes due to temperature fluctuations or batch change

Preeflow® eco-DUO is a rotating and perfectly pressure-tight displacement system.Self-sealing rotor/stator design. Conveyance action by medium displacement in the stator through controlled rotor movement.

Safe conveyance without any modification of the medium. With its suck back option, preeflow® ensures clean and controlled material or medium cut-off while preventing post-dripping effects.



On-the-dot dosage with maximum volumetric precision – dot-and-bead application with application speeds adaptable to track speeds – joint sealing technology.



  • Electronic packaging • semiconductor • LCD/LED/OLED
  • Photovoltaic • medical • biological chemistry
  • Laboratory • optics and photonics • SMD/SMT



  • Genuine volumetric dosing • suck back effect
  • Viscosity-independent dosing • easy to clean
  • Primary pressure-independent dosing • controllable dosing flow
  • Pressure-tight no valve • range of dosing pressures up to 40 bar
VisCompact Duo-Desk
  • Perfect Solution for 2-component applications, like potting, encapsulation, sealing, gasketing.
  • Advantages of Endless- Piston-Principle in combination with a small and compact unit.
  • Clean and accurate dosing helps to save time and money (less rejected parts, faster and flexible processes)
  • High quality dosing for a reasonable price

About ViscoTec Asia

ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ViscoTec Pumpen – und Dosiertechnik Gmbh, is a sales office providing sales and technical support for dosing applications and solutions for the Asia market region. Established in 1997 and located in Germany,

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