Container and Barrel Emptying Systems


The ViscoMT-D Can Emptying System, or Barrel Emptying System,  provides an optimal solution for the clean and effective emptying of small containers and cans using a conveying pump and adapted follower plate.

Self-priming action ensures that the follower plate exerts no pressure on the product, but practically draws itself down towards the bottom of the container. This pressureless method guarantees that no medium is pressed past rim of the follower plate.

Main Features of ViscoMT-D:

  • Container sizes from approx. 500ml to 5 l
  • Viscosities of approx. 20.000 to 1.000.000 mPas
  • Maximum emptying capacity: 130 ml/min.
  • Excellent emptying results: <1% residue
ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-L & ViscoMT-XL








The ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-L  and ViscoMT-XL barrel-emptying unit offer a modern solution for the emptying of containers.

Material can be emptied directly  from the original container, for example: silicones, adhesives, resins, grease, colour pastes etc.


Main Features of ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-L & ViscoMT-XL:

  • container sizes from approx. 5 l to 50 l
  • viscosities from approx. 80,000 to 2,000,000 mPas
  • very low shear stress of material
  • very low pressure load on material (max. 18 bar)
  • emptying of material with filler content
  • no backflow in the emptying pump
  • excellent emptying results (less than 1% residue)
ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-XM & ViscoMT-XL (For Food & Pharma)









ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-XM and ViscoMT-XL are barrel emptying systems with a volumetric conveying pump based on the endless piston principle®

Main Features of ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-XM and ViscoMT-XL:

  • for medium to high viscosity products (up to 7.000.000 mPas!)
  • suited for abrasive, shear sensitive, solid loaded and lumpy media
  • neatly wiping of the inner barrel wall by the special lip seal of the follower plate
  • applicable at ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic drums or bins with inliner
  • no pressing of the product at the sides due to a nearly pressureless guiding of the follower plate
  • emptying speed electronically adjustable
  • simple handling
  • pulsation free conveying/emptying
  • residue in the barrel: < 1%

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