Dosing Controls

ViscoTec Dosing Control Systems can be used in a wide variety of conveying and dosing tasks. The ViscoDos series are made and designed specially for ViscoTec Dispensers for Simple and Effective to use for our Volumetric Dispensers and Pumps. Ranging from the control of big feed pumps to difficult multi-component application operations, the ViscoDos series always has the right system for you.



ViscoDos-3 is a the the 3rd Generation controller developed by ViscoTec. The control panel features:

  • Simple integration to existing systems
  • Volumetric Dosing control
  • Adjustable Flow-rate
  • Adjustable Automatic Suck-Back
  • Control over ProfiBus is Possible
  • Binary surveillance input
  • Menu Guided Diagnosis, Parameterization and Calibration Function
  • Predefined Status and Fault Indications
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • External Analogue Speed Regulation (0-10v)
  •  0.55kW Output

The dosing control ViscoDos-2KT is used to control 2 component dispensing systems. The dosing controls provide comprehensive controls and gives the highest accuracy to the mixing ratio, total dispensed volume.

Some of the process parameters can be set on the controls:

  • Mixing Ratio of 1:1 to 100:1
  • Total Dispensed Volume in ml or grams
  • Flow-rate in ml/sec
  • Material Pot Life Management (Rinse shot)


All process relevant parameters are monitored:

  • Pot Life
  • Rinse Shot
  • Time to next Rinse shot
  • Max. no. of Rinse shot
  • Tank Level of Rinse shot
  • Tank Level of Material supply
  • Actual Pressure in each Component
EC200K & EC200-DUO

EC200K is a Single Component Controller specially developed for the preeflow® range of products. The controller is made compact and simple but yet flexible to be use as a table top or integrate with a complete automated dispensing robot. A rack mount version is also available as an option.





EC200-DUO controller is made for 2 component dispensing control for EcoDuo-450 Dispensers. From the controller changing the mixing ratio from 1:1 to 5:1 is just by changing the setting. Discharge Pressure monitoring, Feeding Material Monitoring, Pot Life Management..etc are complete in the standard EcoDuo-450 controller. The system can also store up to 24 recipes for ease of change and storage of various production needs.





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About ViscoTec Asia

ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ViscoTec Pumpen – und Dosiertechnik Gmbh, is a sales office providing sales and technical support for dosing applications and solutions for the Asia market region. Established in 1997 and located in Germany,

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