RD-EC Dispensers

This compact ViscoTec dispenser allows accurate, consistent and reliable dosing of different media. Thanks to the particular geometry of the rotor –stator. No valve is needed in order to prevent an independent flow of the medium. Alternating open chambers provides a gentle product transfer and a pulsation free output. The EC version is designed for easy cleaning (EC) 

  • Dosing Volume : 0,05 – 1.8 ml / revolution
  • Interior non-stick coating retreat option ( no dripping or stringing )
  • Absolute linear relation between rotor speed and dispensed amount
  • Reliable metering system without heating the medium
  • Long service life due to media-specific component selection
  • Easy cleaning procedure and physical examination of the pump interior
  • Quick disassembly.

About ViscoTec Asia

ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ViscoTec Pumpen – und Dosiertechnik Gmbh, is a sales office providing sales and technical support for dosing applications and solutions for the Asia market region. Established in 1997 and located in Germany,

Our Products in Action

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