Preparation Systems

For Materials that requires Degassing, Agitation the ViscoTec Preparation Systems of the Series ViscoTreat ensure steady and reliable product supply;  uninteruppted.

Our product range includes the following:


ViscoTreat-Im & ViscoTreat-Inline Preparation System


 ViscoTreat-Im and ViscoTreat-Inline is a equipment that is capable of handling high viscosity, shear sensitive materials. It allows continuous degassing, agitation and supply of material to the next process cycle. Comparing to the Conventional Batch Degassing System the Storage volume is thus tremendously reduced and at the same time Product Supply to the next process will not be interrupted.

Main features of ViscoTreat-Im and ViscoTreat-Inline:

  • Degassing of materials up to very High Viscosity (approx. 1,000,000 Cps)
  • Constant Degassing even during material supply (No need for Pressure Equalization)
  • Adjustable supply pressure to the next cycle
  • Integrated Material Buffer
  • Independent Fully Automated System for easy system integration
  • Continuous Agitation for Material Homogeneity
  • Self-refill of Materials into the vessel for continuous Degassing


Application Example: Materials that are critical to remove Air Bubbles, Materials with Fillers that are prone to separation.



ViscoTreat-R is a treatment and feed system that ensures a smooth and reliable product supply. The material is stirred and circulated, and thereby optionally prepared for the production process.

Main features of ViscoTreat-R:

  • viscosities up to 50,000 mPas
  • very low shear stress of material
  • very low pressure on material (max. 18 bar)
  • no reflux in the emptying pump
  • no air supply required
  • valveless pump system
  • no material pressure reducers required because of electronic pressure setting
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